Admissions Form

Please follow the below steps:

1. Call (585)-271-2733 to alert us of your emergency.
2. Complete the Admission Form prior to your arrival.

Owner Information

Pet Information

(Medications/Chronic Condition/Allergies)
(Place N/A if you do not have one)

I am at least 18 years of age and I accept financial responsibility for all charges incurred for medical services my pet receives. Should a doctor recommend hospitalization for surgery or other treatment, I will be presented with an estimate for charges that may be incurred during hospitalization. A monetary deposit that equals half of the high end of the presented estimate will be required. I understand that payment in full is due at the time my pet is discharged from the hospital. I authorize Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services to release my pet’s medical information to the veterinarian(s)/ hospital(s) named above or any hospital where I may choose to receive follow up care for my pet.